Feb 12 • 35M

Lucid Dreaming, creating a positive timeline, Mandela effect

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Wendy Gardner
Are heading into menopause? If so, this is the place for you! Hello, I'm Wendy, skincare alchemist and artisan of elite, high-frequency skincare. In my podcast interviews, you'll discover the secrets of personal protection from toxic energies through radionics, Tarot for well-being, crystals to heal anxiety, soul retrieval for wholeness, how to train as a Spirit Guide, primordial sound meditation, and many more fascinating practices to uplift your body, mind and spirit. In each episode, my guests and I share tips to help you thrive before and after menopause.
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Have you heard of lucid dreaming and wanted to try it? Meet the lovely Cynthia Sue Larson who has been lucid dreaming since she was a child. She's also the author of Quantum Jumps, Reality Shifts, High Energy Money and Aura Advantage. A fascinating conversation where science comes together with inspiration and imagination.


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