May 9 • 52M

Venus and Feminine Alchemy

Wendy Gardner and Ola Wolny talk about menopause, women and Venus.

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Wendy Gardner
Are heading into menopause? If so, this is the place for you! Hello, I'm Wendy, skincare alchemist and artisan of elite, high-frequency skincare. In my podcast interviews, you'll discover the secrets of personal protection from toxic energies through radionics, Tarot for well-being, crystals to heal anxiety, soul retrieval for wholeness, how to train as a Spirit Guide, primordial sound meditation, and many more fascinating practices to uplift your body, mind and spirit. In each episode, my guests and I share tips to help you thrive before and after menopause.
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Today we have a fabulous call with Ola Wolny, an engineer by training, who has been researching ancient knowledge since childhood.

Ola has discovered that the original reverence for the ‘feminine’ and her alchemical powers was purposely eradicated, inverted and corrupted by the patriarchy. However the original feminine mysteries still whisper to us from ancient stone tablets, Neolithic and Paleolithic sculpture as well as myths and fairy-tales.

Join us down the rabbit hole to learn more about the moon, venus, menstruation, fertility, birth, Cathars, Celts, the real Holy Grail, Mary Magdalene and much more. Pour yourself a coffee (or tea) and enjoy.